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Article#307 - Out Of The Crowds, Out To The Clouds

Yeah, I know, that title is that kind of line you'd most likely to expect from a young weenie trying to make a rhyming, astounding song lyric. But that kind of stuff is certainly not a thing to be expected from this particular post. Since this post will be the place for.... (wait for it)... some comics.
...wait, no cheers, fellas?

Oh, well.
The opening has gotten too cheesy, and before someone take this post and shred it for pizza topping (Gordon Ramsay's joke aside), I'll just go ahead and give the today's post some comic dose.


I had come across some comic artists before, with ZenPencils, PhDComics and xkcd being some of my favorites. (You can also find some pieces of their artworks here in this blog, too.) And while they consistently publishes some worthy comic strip to reckon, the fact that it hasn't been quite a while since the last time I aided my blog with their comic strips struck me. The spirit to get another, fresher contents took me quite a time detouring the bright sides of the Net, before I found these following two comic strips. If you are a fan of mesmerizing, educating, and somewhat comical artworks, then I'd recommend you to have a visit on this page—a page of recommendation, which I hope to be useful, albeit quite redundant. (Talk about recommendception.)
If the case is the other way around, you can just stay here in this page, and appreciate the main part of this post. Enjoy!

source: happyjar.com
While it's true that the ideas delivered by the comic strip above might resonate well into the introvert side of some people, I'm not going to bring the interpretation that way.
The idea of hanging out by natural scenes has always been an interesting note to take for that part inside ourselves, which continuously craves for a time off and going somewhere we don't know.

Yeah, some of you might point out that sitting on a forest wouldn't be such a solemn, calming experiences as portrayed in the comic—not to mention the surreal-looking forest, even though, to be fair, how can we be so sure that it really is a forest from the first place?
Nevertheless, I'm sure I'm not alone in agreeing to this statement:
"I'd prefer hanging out in the nature over a nightclub anytime, be it with people or alone"
as our fellow friend on 9gag pointed out.

The second comic strip is a piece from Grant Snider in his blog, Incidental Comics. As I try to point out from the title, the plan in this post is to combine the idea of hanging out by natural scenes, which I deliberately squeezed from the first comic strip, to the idea of observing the nature presented by the following comic strip.
While the idea of watching clouds have made countless appearances in the most romanticized dramas, films and other acts, I'd say that watching cloud in itself is quite an interesting stuff to do, albeit somewhat clichéd.

As Grant simply portrays, relaxation will be one of your best options, once in a while.

When talking about our connections to nature, I would always like to recommend this older post of mine to you guys: http://goo.gl/lXWey2

Side note: I want to point out that this day marks the longest temporary outage in 4 years for Facebook, currently the biggest social media network site in the world. Another funny moment to embrace, I suppose, especially when you visited the liveblog of the outage by The Guardian. 9gag also made fun of it, but, well, who wouldn't?

The next round will be something quite serious (and longer), so make sure not to keep your seats tight. See you around!


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