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Article#303 - Studying

I once thought in a simple-minded yet ridiculous manner, that as many of us may have thought of at least once, studying is the sole way of obtaining knowledge. Just like we are always willing to show (maybe flaunt, or even boast?) how broad our knowledge spectra have become, some people close to us would love to do the exact same thing. Those kids with seemingly broader spectra of knowledge will have more of their time getting brought by their proud parents across the neighborhood. They sometimes are being held responsible for the act of reflecting the spark of their parents' excess dose of smile, shamelessly facing the gloomy, rough faces of the dismayed neighbor.

At times, the neighbors may become upset enough, up to the point where they decide to have a little revenge on the bright boy's arrogant parents. The bad news is that these mad neighbors decided to get even using their own children. They want their children to be knowledgeable enough to rival the arrogant parents' child, and they conclude that pushing their children to study will make the best out of the effort.
That's it—their children are now conditioned to study into perfection. As many of the younger adults realize, it's no easy deal to do virtually anything when the pressure above you turns astronomical. The obsession to rival, and the fear of losing, may have being the main pressures that the parents exert toward their young and helpless children. The pressure keeps growing, up to a point when the children had it enough already. Their head become saturated with the act of endless studying, and hence their soul desires a wandering time off study.

They may choose school as their first frontier to wonders, but even there some teachers act just like their fearful parents. Annotations to teachers as "your parent at school" may have helped the fear to grow more. And theses desperate teacher unleashed their fear in the form of humongous amount of homework, assignments, and exams for the students. Perfect combinations for desperate students.
So, let's look at the chart once more. Pressures from their beloved parents, respected teachers and fellow classmates. Literally, pressures everywhere. So how wouldn't you have expected that there will be a point on which they will "burst out", or at least, had their studying spirit depreciated?

Well, I might very well have gotten it wrong, but the truth hath spoken all around us. You don't have to notice the desperate student with eye-bags, barely awake in their attempt of last reading before the exam time. No need to observe the seemingly futile attempt of students to keep their every focus on teacher's explanation, either. Especially while every single word of the teacher's explanation comes as a soft, transparent waves of pillow for their noon sleepy time. (Yeah, of course, it would be best if we tracked the problems to the students themselves, but that is not where I am going.)

Sure, after talking qite a little bit of some children going through serious, pressurized time, we won't hold them up any longer, eh? Let's breathe some fresh air, and as the previous paragraph implies, no need for thorough observation of the whole students to see this phenomenon.
The sole internet might be very helpful in such cases, even though, as Abraham Lincoln put it into perspective, not everything on the internet is true. (Lincoln?)
But, these stuffs below are credible enough, aren't they?

source: 9gag
For me, the thing explained above is pretty mind-blowing. No, not because of the brain in the image, but due to the fact that I may have done this quite a few times without even realizing it.

But this one below is pretty obvious to you and me, eh?

source: pinterest
Best things comes last. But nothing good will come, had you not start.
Less Studying, More Learning!

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