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Article#513 - Be Like Bill?

"Be Like Bill" memes might have stormed the internet in early 2016, but similar concepts of meme have been around for much longer.

The first time I saw "Be Like Bill" meme, I didn't quite grasp the fact that it was becoming popular. Actually, I didn't think of it as a new meme. I had come across similar memes since I became more active within the Internet realm, each with their own character and socially-correct quirk expected to persist within the society. As expressed by one of the most popular variant of the meme, I saw it and I moved on.

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All of a sudden, everyone talked about "Be Like Bill". You see "Be Like Bill" memes all over the net. Every scroll you did, every glance you took, every page you visited, every search you clicked, you got Bill watching you with that soulless stare. (Got that The Police reference?) It's as if this seemingly-fake-smile stick figure had somehow paved its way conquering the whole Internet.
And you can easily tell why as soon as you see one. It's simple. It's catchy. And most importantly, it can be easily utilized to justify any of your egoistically-correct whines and be used to bash those standing on your way. Exactly what the Internet fancies.
Seeing it that way, it's easy to imagine that a backlash would soon commence.
I humbly apologize for the DailyMail source. No regrets though.
While the two sides continued to bash on each other about whether Bill is the true epitome of common sense in society or an authoritatian egomaniac who fancied the enforcement of his own interests, another actor on the net took his own fair share of audiences. Don't get me wrong, those discussions about that particular sticky Bill was still going. It only happened that a particular video in Youtube went viral after a couple of days. Nope, not even a single touch on the discussions about that Bill who went around judging people (or educating, depending on who you asked). The topic even covered quite an uncommon topic to be even potentially viral: history.

If that's the case, what was the relevance of this? Well, it just happened that the video was uploaded by....
....none other than Bill himself. Or rather, Bill Wurtz to be precise.
Aside from the hits video, this particular Bill spent some of his time making short videos and uploaded them to his YouTube channel, which has since then attracted thounsand of excited Internet citizens and fans like. Some even went as far as heralded the channel as "representing the true desires, aspirations and beliefs of humanity" in one of the videos, titled "i don't wanna go to school" full song. I guess you all can easily see why the comment is relevant.

And now, I guess it's about time for the corresponding video.

On my last note, if anyone of you guys want to be "like Bill", this Bill Wurtz guy may be worthy of consideration.

See you around!

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