Kamis, 16 Januari 2014

Article#255 - Song Of The Light

Welcome the glimpse of solemn light
Striking beneath the morning high
Lay up the sleepyheads
And endless dreams of heart
To welcome the new start
Hey the retained sight of repent
Let the sunshine enter your eyes
It may be not the time for me to get it right
But just tell me to stay

When I keep on
Let everything be, and let go
Down to nowhere as it is now
'Cause the day can't puncture this out
Lullaby of the morning home

Let it began of one's strong heart
Breaking the tide of what's regretted
Not that be me
Of every life that I'd be glad
To see their smile, and try
Sometimes we're bound to realize
That past ain't ours to reignite
Withdraw the truth
And heading back to where we are
Looking at the fake tale

Where have it gone?
The chirping birds tell me to go
Ahead of what we have undergone
And those who forgot where to go
Cracking up of what they've got

Glimpse of sunlight to reach everyone's might
Dearly alive is about to make its rise
Taking the sight, and throw the burden out, of us

Regard the perished pride
That of what they made so high
Towering above their best
And shade the truth alight
Flying beneath the clouds of memories
Where hopes meet reality in vain
And as I come through all this again
Words are not enough to explain

Waking the old deep story line
Continue our way and keep aligned
Whereas everyone come and go
We keep in the straight path
And replenish the heart from which they've lost
The clemency way of pure thought
While they distract themselves at most
Bringing the agony back home
Now how would you let it go?

Think of the sun, the fierce way it passed through
Don't dare we run, for the dream never come true
What will be done, there you will see the proof

Light it the fullest
Light it the fullest
Take me back, out of the sound to show
The flashback of what has been done long ago

Well I can see the stars, rising to never set anymore
There we going, rushed to the future we never know

Day 6856, as the cloud shades the path.
Retold from a fast moment aboard,
Thursday, 16th January, 2014, 15:11 (UT+9)
38°00'11.17"N, 140°37'34.87"E

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