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Article#321 - Planets Unite

That picture depicted above represents all the 9 planets of the Solar System, painted as one unity on a single canvas, scanned into a .JPG file, and rotated clockwise 90°. Wait, wait, some of you may have been ready to launch your objections. Before you lot have the opportunity to do so, I have to stress that the picture is completed back in the 1990s (as wrote), well before the dreadful resolution of IAU General Assembly in Praha, 2006, on which Pluto's status as a planet was demoted. The lil' icy world has been since called "dwarf planet", and many seem to be against that idea.

Let's forget all the fuss over Pluto's status for now. About the artist, Steve Gildea, he teaches digital design (or so we are told by in Massachussetts, United States of 'Murica. He is quite into painting, which would seem to be an understatement once you go through his galleries here.
I don't make it to find out more about him, but looks like our fellow artist is old enough to have one of his son posting about his painting in Reddit.

What, still arguing about Pluto? Case closed. It's his defeat. Just accept it like a man, please.
But I'm a woman!
Look... um, well, whatever. As I mentioned above, the case is closed. Pluto is no longer classified as the significant figurines of the Solar System, which are the planets. Therefore, we need a newer insight regarding this Solar System depiction.

There are some versions of this, which – beats me – is made from combining photographs. And while there are some of them in, my favorite is this one below.

Eight planets as one. Created by Redditor Jupiter-x; sources are mentioned
in the link.
One more, the original style of Steve Gildea's painting. At least, as it appears on his website.

"Planetary Suite", as painted by Steve Gildea.
An oil painting on canvas, composed of 9 panels which
comprises 6'x13'3" (182.88 cm x 403.86 cm) in total.
(Collection of Merrimack College)
Eventually, I might have to emphasize that the planets' depiction in a single canvas is meant to unite those planet as one body. Be it with or without the poor Pluto, a depiction of the planets combined will be likely to "suite" for the time being.
As for Pluto, you can keep on going, regaining your mighty planetary status back. But be very well aware, or your supporters might lose faith in you.

Planets, Unite!

Here in my mind
You know you might find
Something that you
You thought you once knew
But now it's all gone
And you know it's no fun

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