Rabu, 09 Juli 2014

Article#316 - Leaving The Majority

Leaving the party in disguise
The way of which they despise
Look for tomorrow, within their pride
Whether they will stand out, or hide
They would like you to compromise
To put your principles aside
When majority's set to be right
Our stories are nonetheless a delight

Here about to leave
Is the one to bear the blame
Outcry of the moaning empty heads
I can't wait for it
Let alone bewilder the stage
Embrace the benign heart of empty eyes
Something to get back 
By the morning
Other part of the script will be done
Light years back
A ride to embark
From this point onward

A simple visualization of Earth's population distribution, as portrayed by
Reddit user valeriepieris. The picture above is taken from another thread
discussing the "circle" (denoted in negative color),
with the sentence being added later.
More explanation here.
I might be one of those guys who used to have that certain debates going on in their heads. Whether I should do something only because everyone else does it, or because everyone thinks it is right, or because it is right. One's words about truth being subjective, is in itself a subjective statement, since of course one may claim such a truth as an absolute one. It should be noted, however, that you can only do such stuff when your principle of affirming it is strong enough.
For the lot, such principle is called "religion". Some others refused to be denominated in any kind of religious entity, mostly the Westerners who had gone through centuries of Dark Age due to over-controlling religious institution. They would prefer simpler names such as "ideals" or "principles".

Long story short, I have long decided to put my perspective out of the majority. There's not many to rely on them; as those so-called wise guys said, the better ones are those who are able to stand out. Those who dare enough to be different, simply because they extricate well enough about that heck they are doing.
Now if thou pay heed unto the majority of those who live on Earth, they will but lead thee astray from the path of God: they follow but other people's conjectures, and they themselves do nothing but guess. (Qur'an 6: 116)
I'm also walking out of the majority's way. Indeed; not completely. Might never be completed? I don't know.
At the very least, I hope I'm continuously progressing.

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