Senin, 24 Maret 2014

Article#277 - Cosmic Inflation Explained

This is one of those cosmological stuff, one of the darkest corner of astronomical science. Well, literally dark, as there is not much light to guide your path through. Not to mention those fuzzy stuffs with "dark-" being put as a prefix, like dark matter or dark energy, to name a few. Oh, don't forget "black hole".
Cosmology is mostly unbeknownst to me by the time I started exploring the realms of astronomy in my high school times. And well, since then, I have not improved much in understanding those stuff. Especially when it comes to cosmological calculation and sorts; undergraduate astronomy student may know that feel.

So then I came across this comic, explaining about "cosmic inflation", a new discovery in physics—also an important one.
The explanation may seems too complicated, but be sure to read it carefully, and immersing your thought while reading the whole picture may make it more interesting.

Hope you enjoy!

P.S.: And yeah, there is a small mistake to be noticed in the comic: You don't write temperatures with degree sign in Kelvin.

All credit goes to PhD Comics.

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