Senin, 06 Oktober 2014

Article#352 - Overtone

Japan had just bid Phanfone farewell.
As the pictures or videos of headbanging trees, flying rooftops and hurling waves continue to circle the realm of the local (or regional) news, some of the people residing in the affected area had their sky cleared of any typhoon influence. In the matter of an hour or two after the rain stopped, clouds recede out of the city's sky, revealing the afternoon sky as it supposed to be.

These are the time, when people rushed their way outside to appreciate the clear sky — even though it seems akin to celebrating at times. As if they were all driven by the similar penchant, they would all gaze over the skies, now only dotted by clouds here and there. Some will then grab their gadgets, capture the clear sky moments, while some other will quietly record every gentle curves of the clouds that afternoon.

They will seem to contemplate over the entire time of their time being outside. The depth of the sky' bluish hue, in itself, is more than enough to drive those minds towards each of their own wonderlands. In such a stance, the clouds' curves lit by the afternoon sun, or any kind of rainbow arc formed, will just add the awe in the gazing eyes.

Many had spoken of rainbows coming after storms. Some of them will proclaim it in a way how their so-called motivators spout upon the ears of their loyal fans. Loud, sometimes jarring, and redundant; as if their very tones are the one which will bring encouragement, to every bit of dust the sound wave flows past. Some other will whisper it as a consolation, spewed upon those broken souls craving for a glimpse of affection; offering heartfelt wishes to walk past the despair and embrace the colorful life. In common, what they are trying to spread is usually the same optimistic insight, that there await moments of cheers after moments of hardships.

Yet again, people will likely continue to speak about rainbows coming after storms, up till the moment where both will no longer take place.
But maybe, the most important aspect about the two counterparts, are the contrast. That might explain how people easily enjoy the clear sky right after the typhoon fades.
The presence of storms is what makes clear skies more appreciable.

Photo uploader: Nur'aini Yuwanita Wakan
Photographer: Almadina Tri Wahyu
Courtesy of Muhamad Shoufie Ukhtary
Courtesy of Muhamad Shoufie Ukhtary
Courtesy of Stevanus Kristianto Nugroho
Courtesy of Stevanus Kristianto Nugroho
Entitled "Sendai Uyuni" (仙台ウユニ湖), refering to the large salt flat,
Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, due to the similar mirror-like feature
while a thin layer of water is present.
Courtesy of Takahiro Morishita
On the side note, the decision of staying in my room after Phanfone's passage might be the worst decision of the day.

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