Selasa, 16 Juli 2013

Article#180 - For My Life

Another ballad at the end of May
I can only sat here and stay
The rain washed the bad memories away
As I forge myself in dismay
Will there be, a regret
When time leaving us this fast?
Will there be, some to get
And will it worth a try?

Sing me the last song of the right
To uncover the stories night can't hide
Hear the symphony flowing high
As it came and blew up all despair
But we're here, on the rough string
Vibrate the tone, ignite
And the guitar strums, the light sears
While we beat the lone life, and got kicked out

For my life, I'll bring out
The best of the living heart
While I bring, the missed out
To get them somewhere we know
Remedy, of the past
You'll tell the story, I'll smile
I will keep on
The song will make it home

And when you feel the world never give its light,
Say to yourself and proclaim
To live what is right
And not to leave them behind
Always be ready to face the colours of this life

And soon after the rain, it's the bright blue skies
On which everyone has been waiting
So live with your might
Be cheerful of yourself
Never let that warm smile go

And just keep on,
For all the stories of the nice life
That are waiting you forth
Never give up,
The time will never wait
And don't you ever let it go

Let me compose the song of this life
As if you'll hear it from afar
Let's sing it out loud, for everything beyond
The written stories of the show

You may keep the song somewhere deep inside
To be sung when your new story begun
Seep out of the tempering wisdom

I found the moonlight, when I believe I got this right
Far beyond the sky, there's this one story they left for you to look

For my life, I'l bring out
The best of the living heart
While I bring, the missed out
To get them somewhere we know
Memory, left behind
Let's face the future ahead
I will keep on
When everything broken down


Day 6672, as the sun sears the rising light.
Retold from a windy moment of atop,
Sunday, 14th July, 2013, 04:41 (UT+9)
35°21'55.65"N, 138°43'58.62"E

3 komentar:

  1. Great poem..
    I think everyone will be inspired by your poem..

  2. I think so. U're inspiring of me :)

  3. Indeed, this is a good one. But, seriously..?


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