Sabtu, 16 Februari 2013

Article#136 - Harmony (Will It Be Just Fine?)

I stood out here in a cold and clear night
Stars sparked the sky, the moon was not present
Recalled those moments, which I had left behind

The city was glowing bright, enlightened the horizon
The waves were crashing by, the wind kept blew upon
Upon this reminiscence, where everything began

Will you tell the story, or just keep it up?
When you tried to break it down
Broke the harmony, all the rhythms of life
Would you repair it back,
Or leave it scattered apart?
It's only once more to go

Why did you just started giving up?
Please don't forget it, all your big dreams for life
Where would you walking toward?
Without the pure light of heart?
Can you just keep it go through?
So let the past went by, and look for what's up ahead

The sky went raging, where were the cozy life
Segin went to nowhere, Big Dipper faded behind the cloud
Forgot the only thing we had

There goes the life, crash the surrenders and cowards
Have the luck been leaving you now?

"It's not destined for me this time,
For me the only, the protester of time
I'd swore to beat it all down
And let it be of its own
Grazed the mighty of the show"

And let this harmony sang
Sing of the loved, the preserved right of the lost
The melodies of the flow
Which had gone by so slow
The never ending story, now

Everlasting time, beneath the story line
Could we ensure everything will be fine?
Let alone be misguided, let the myth rumble up
Will there be justice, for the remains of the thankful?
Since someday I'll be without, this melody of breakout
And the tale of broken dreams will keep its song,
Song of the living

So let's depart and move it on,
Permit me to leave, all of this past we lend of
Follow your dreams, you can find
A right to live on your own
Where the life will beat along

And as the wind goes by, the rows of melody
Would be the only thing to guide me up through these times
As the behalf of the story, which pushed me to walk out this far

Someone, look for this star, star of the outright approval
On which I will keep, the new story of the future
Stars gone smiling, the sun were rising
Leading me of the straight long way to go

There's something inside me, on which I can't keep up
Rolling deep, along with the melody, flowing to last inside
Will everything be just fine?

Day 6522, finished on the midst of the soaring art.
Retold from a moment of uncertain, at
10th February, 2013, 21:24 (UT+9)
43°04'38.38"N, 141°20'57.45"E

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  1. Ampun. Tinggal dikasih nada. Aransemen. Terkenal.

    1. Sebenernya sih, aransemennya yang gue buat duluan. Dan nadanya juga udah ada. Lirik ini yang justru dibuat belakangan.

    2. Ditunggu pre-order single-nya.

  2. gatau kenapa suka bacanya gi :")


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