Selasa, 09 Juni 2015

Article#428 - Hyperfine

The plum rain is drawing near.
After weeks of blistering spectacle of the sun witihin the blue sky, occasional low-pressure ridges start to pave its way along the western edge of the Pacific. Just as the ridge come across the archipelago, it had its way hampered by the rugged terrain of the mountains. Forced to make its way around the islands, the ridge takes another shape of a storm system, and drenches the islands below with all its laden moisture.
As always, when the storm tapers with the passing of time, it disintegrates, leaving scattered clouds in its wake.
And as always, the dazzling sunlight will reveal itself yet again, illuminating the clouds with that eerie glow.

I will not elaborate about the deeper meaning of any of such sceneries here, nor the mainstream insight about moments of cheers after moments of hardships.
But I think I will have to tell the oft-overlooked fact about how the rain washes the dusts and other stuffs out of the thin air. All before the curtains of clouds wiped the sky from their scatters, revealing the dazzling sunset in its last effort to shine.

After all, it is the contrast between sunlight and the clouds which made their way to arrange the scenery of the day. A scenery which drags the attentions of those puny humans, to the vibrant display of the heavens. Towards which we may barely managed to snatch a single sight.
The storms, instead of giving way to vibrant evening display after its wake, are actually those making it happen.

Photo by Septi Perwitasari
Photo by Stevanus Kristianto Nugroho
On the other side of the note, while people were busy looking over the fading sunset, you may find it rare to see some random people enjoying the scenery with each other. More often, those people would spent most of their time capturing the best shots they can, only to document the sight they may have not been enjoying with their own eyes. (Yeah, it's me writing.)

Hence, when those people are done capturing their best shots, it's nighttime for them. No more looking up, even when the stars are going to steal the show.
Those fellows walking past that guy under the tree's shade might not even waste any bit of their time to ponder of whatever the heck that guy is even doing.

Looking at the fading sunshine, you might even come across someone you know, without even noticing. In the wake of such wonders, how does one get distracted, you may ask?
Well, you don't have to be distracted anyway. Just enjoy the show, while it lasts. And during the show, you may always find some time for a little talk.
Hey, how are you?
I am hyperfine, thank you. And you?

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