Sabtu, 06 Juni 2015

Article#427 - Cutting Corners

To that guy saying about "work intelligent", you know, you are supposed to say "work intelligently", no? "Intelligent" is an adjective, not an adverb. It's puzzling that one can write such an comprehensive blabber about how flawed the concept conveyed by the picture is, yet overlooked such obvious, beginner mistakes.

Regardless of whatever that statement will imply in regard to the mentioned worker's intelligence, there's more smart ways to do your work better, right?
Why not using a wheelbarrow? Or a trolley? Or pouring water in front of the blocks to reduce friction, like those Egyptians did when building the pyramid? It will obviously spend much less time than what cutting corners might have cost you.

Now now, you might probably ask, what will I do when I am the one given the task? I can assure that my solution is one of the simplest: let someone else do it.
It's not like I'm paid for it anyway.

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