Sabtu, 20 September 2014

Article#344 - Searing Summits

Have you ever take a flight that sway you close to mountains? If you're lucky enough to get one, with the weather serving your favor, you might have a chance to see the scenery depicted in the photos below.
For your info, about 140 million residents of Indonesia, more than half of the whole population, resides within the island, often clinging their lives tight to the volcanoes towering around them. With at least 25 volcanoes with recorded activity during the last 2000 years, Java acclaims itself as the most populous island, as well as one of the most volcanically active island.

Sumbing-Sindoro-Dieng volcanic complex
(Looks like) Sumbing
Merapi-Merbabu. (Achmad Faizal Amin)
Arjuno-Welirang, Kawi-Butak, Penanggungan, Kelud
Tengger Caldera-Semeru complex
One or more glances from your airplane window can further remind you of these searing summits, as they occasionally spew ash and rocks.
They might cause harm when they blurts too much material.
But these summits, are the reason of Java island's existence in the first place.

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