Minggu, 26 April 2015

Article#413 - Rattles and Rubbles

It was a bustling Saturday noon, at the valley that serves as a melting pot among the abode of snows. The ever vibrant city of temples, house to just over a million inhabitants, continued to sustain its warm, welcoming nature even during the weekends. This, among other things related to the abodes, has attracted millions of curious tourists, travelers, and the proud youngsters of the village, taking part in a developing, lively culture.

They were about halfway done in their activities at the day. It was initially a slow movement, yet sure; silently crept as the working people started to hear their stomaches crying for lunch.
And then there was the temblor.

It never takes its time too long for a strike - minutes at the longest. As faults and fractures failed to hinder the massive charade of the earth no further, the ground trembles, shook everything in its wake.
Those who withstood the trembles remained at their usual stance, while swiftly adjusted themselves to the rhythms of the terrestrial waltz. They stood still, and watched in awe as their weaker compatriots did not manage to cope with the rhythm, and crumbled onto each other.

It rattled. Leaving ruins behind.
There were rubbles of poorly designed buildings. There were crumbles of vanishing histories. There were shocks of worried relatives. There were collapses of trust to governmental policies. There were statements of concerning countries. But, most importantly, there are survived people trying to recover their hopes and dreams.

It may have been inevitable for the city of temples to be struck by such quakes, once in a while. After all, the driving force of the earth's charade is what have given rise to the mesmerizing presence of the abode of snows. The force that give rise to the prominence of the city's rich cultural heritage.
It may have been the force that brought the country into this unprecedented fallout. But, as it has always been, it will become the very force that helps the citizens to bounce back.
And they are not hesitate to continue looking forward.

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