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Article#368 - Butterflies and Hurricanes

It has long been said that our actions in the present will in some way shape our future. The simple dos and don'ts we encounter in our daily life will easily lead us to decision-making point: to do or not to do. Starting from each decisions, we pick one scenario over the other to commit as our present. When we look at the sheer number of these somewhat petty decisions, they all have each of their own scenarios, which in the bigger picture encapsulates the seemingly infinite possibilities of scenarios you might be able to do. Even twenty of do-or-do-not decisions you make would have resulted in more than a million possible scenarios of your life, simply as a result of those decisions. Exponents aren't to be taken so lightly, y'know.
The calculations grow much more complicated when you take other, possibly contributing other factors into account. More factors, more contributors, and what you will get is an infinite number of scenarios possible to be generated.

Meet our fellow butterfly.
From what the name may imply, please don't think of them as a bunch of butter flying around. These radiantly colored insects are often symbolized as a representation of various stuffs. Some people will look at the life it goes through, and convey its philosophy as self-transformation, be it from a troublesome creature to a lovable one, a bad personality to a better one, rebirth of a new individual, or whatever you might like to employ of the meaning. Some other will look at a butterfly freed itself from its cocoon, or the way it wanders around the colorful things such as flowers (butterfly in itself comprises a wide variety of color patterns). and then will convey it as a symbol of freedom.
Aside of those philosophers-wannabe may think of, many seem to agree that butterfly is a symbol of happiness - while a great deal of them seems to be oblivious to the fact that most butterflies do not last longer than a month, which will give bad impression to the notion of happiness, with which general people are already accustomed to.

Then there comes hurricanes.
Hurricanes, typhoons, cyclone, or whatever different cultures around the world call it, are essentially same systems. They generate from the same kind of warm tropical waters, develop as a kind of gigantic engine with heat from the tropical water vapor as the energy source. They will absorb, they will develop. And in return of everything they absorbed, there comes torrential rains at its shades. Some might say that those tropical systems alike produce winds, while some other might say that the reality is that the winds which helps them grow.
Some will look at the violent winds it bring along, accompanying the surges, the dense overcast, as well as the heavy rain. They might call it  a symbol of hardships due to the struggle of the puny humans living within their wake. While they are struggling to cope with the lashes of rains and winds the system brings, some of them seems to be oblivious of the fact that typhoons alike lose its source of energy as soon as they reach land. Well, not to mention that most typhoons' lifespan ranges within a week or two, a pretty weak gargantuan compared to a much smaller butterfly.

It's started as different, seemingly unrelated stuffs happening around. Collect more pictures and you will start to see the connections. Henceforth, while examining the pieces of pictures you got in depth, you started to see parts of a bigger picture. The one complete picture shrouded in confusion, where we the people walked and hit each other in frustration. You keep looking, and by the time you reach the general idea, it's after the complete picture itself has concluded.
Just like the flutter of butterfly's wings, the greatest change may start from a tiny, negligible acts. The very acts that you might never consider, let alone perceive.

You've got to be the best
You've got to change the world
And use this chance to be heard
Your time is now

A photo posted by 佐藤 謙太 (@kkkkenta) on

Meanwhile, in the howling land of the rising sun, the mighty winter weather still deliver its sheer power to the grounds and the puny humans beneath. Some might say that the darker night implies the closer dawn. Closer dawn means that Sun is about to rise, which is often being used of a portrayal of cheers coming after hardships, as I wrote in an earlier occasion.
Well, sunlight may help relieve yourself of the wintry grip. But, aside of that, sunlight will provide you the sight of winter wonderland. Which, in my case, is completely worth the struggle.

So never mind the darkness
We still can find a way
'Cause nothing lasts forever
Even cold December rain

The lovely comic of our fellow butterfly above  can be found in this site.

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