Sabtu, 24 Oktober 2015

Article#478 - Freedom

As sophisticated as a depiction of freedom can be, for me, nothing quite beats this one in that regard.
You can label this as an ordinary picture of a crow having some rest on a bald eagle's back, if that is not peculiar enough for you. Or you can label it as a picture of a crow doing its best at not giving any flying fuck of that eagle it resides on. Get it? Get it?
Then again, things get even more interesting when we are given the fact that bald eagle is the national animal of a particular country. Yeah, you get it right: 'Murica. That particular country with that particular tendency to shove their own ideals and values up other countries' arses by the means of warfare and political intervention. Or at least that's what some angry, politically reactive Internet users might have told you.
Well, d'you come here to read such biased commentary on what a country could have done? Okay then, get back to square once again.

Depicting that bald eagle as 'Murica roaming around introducing their own means of freedom, here comes that random crow, landing so casually on the back of the bald eagle. You may associate it with an act of YOLO-ing, a blatant insult, or anything else, for all I care.
All in all, it may be interesting to see a crow acting so freely on the top of the eagle. It just seems as if that crow is trying to be more carefree than the "embodiment" of "freedom" it is perching on. Well, they say crows are one of the smartest animal, so it may be only natural to see crows riding eagles so casually to fit their own agendas and motives, while at the same time managing to maintain its image of a bird letting another bird to carry him anywhere it likes

Mind for a conclusion? The crow is having a flight on Freedom Airlines, while not giving any flying fuck.
So... Let's strive to emulate the crow's carefree demeanor, perhaps? It's completely up to you.
Either way, embrace all the hapiness to all your heart's content!

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