Sabtu, 11 Mei 2013

Article#164 - Regrets of The Age

I remembered
The time when we were all still kids, wandering around
To the boundless journey we're out gone, too busy looking out for the unknown
Times were better back then, we cheered up our lives
No burdens, no hatred, no worries of life
We looked upon the future, excited to figure out what's catching up ahead
Feel free, to live
Feel free, to believe
Ain't no one will get me, I'm up here, I flee
I can see, the fallen leaves
Rafting up, lead the wind
And let us alone draw this world like no one ever seen
Leave the confining ones

Time passed, and when we grew up, we depart
Stop to depend each other, we walked our own paths
Hope we can keep on still beneath the dark
With the spirit flaming in our heart
Just go ahead and win the fight
Let it be, one believe
Left it here, all the dreams
When I get there, no need for me to take them again
Preserve the memory
Reserve the victory
And let's mark these paths of ours on the book of history

But here I'm misleaded, and where I am now?
The strive for glory had blinded me somehow
And which path to look, I don't know

Hey the light, would you lend me a breathtaking sight, of the world?
Hear me here, out of the sight of the outraged world, I shout aloud
Here I know, when everything is plotted along, I don't belong
Where is it, the scenery of the poetry everyone is talking about?
There are we, on the top of the mountains of the stories from our untold lies
Plenty of years had just passed, and the traces are nowhere to left any behind
Tears belong to cries, why can't I be there, realizes?
And I would have been forgetting all the dreams when they dragged me behind
Leaving the world, as it scrambles the time

Here, let me fall
When time erases the story of the forgotten
Glories of the past, where they are
I didn't deserve such a nice dream to be remembered
As my own past, so let me back
Laying beneath the night, the calming sky, where I was the only one
To pretend that I will grab the glory one time

Dreamt the will to struggle for one lives lasts
Till the time I'm blinded by all the lies 
(And I believed the lies are the true ones)
I'm not a perfect story as I was told in the past
Instead I am the dying puppet, made of regrets

Feel free, to leave
Feel free, I'm in grieve
Ain't no one will remember this dying sunset of the breeze

Day 6606, as the night darkens along.
Retold from a stored moment on the top of the king,
Monday, 6th May, 2013, 11:47 (UT+9)
38°08'33.21"N, 140°26'38.88"E

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